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Sanwa Radio MX-V 2.4G PC 3 kanals fjernstyring

 995,00 DKK
 1.095,00 DKK

 3-Channel 2.4GHz F.H.S.S.-2
Surface Radio System
Top features in a new style!
No R/C racer needs more! Sanwa put the most important functions of a modern transmitter in a new design: fast response thanks to F.H.S.S.-2 2.4GHz technology, user-friendly menu with easy-to-setup functions and a sensational price/performance ratio. With this transmitter every R/C pilot gets all the decisive features in the same design as the high-end Sanwa MT-4.

The Sanwa MX-V works with the Sanwa F.H.S.S.-2 2.4GHz technology. This guarantees interference-free R/C car fun and a fast transmission of the signal. The decisive point when it comes to overtaking or braking in competition.
A nameable 10 model memory allows an easy and quick change between your models. In addition, the Sanwa MX-V is compatible with different receivers. It can be operated with the Sanwa RX-37E, RX-371 and RX-442FS.

The complete setup works via the multi-functional display. No matter, if anti-lock braking system setup, model selection or Expo adjustment - no problem with the large and clear display.
The technological equipment is rounded up by the modern design. All important functions are arranged intuitively and can be reached without any problems also with small hands. Due to the low weight compared to other transmitters in this category, also long races can be finished without getting tired.

• Model Naming
• Anti-Lock (ABS) Braking
• Exponential
• End Point Adjustment
• Servo Reversing
• Steering Dual Rate
• Servo Sub-Trim
• Battery Voltage Monitor
• 10 Model Memory
• 4 Cell Dry Cell Battery for Lighter Weight

Anmeldelser Tilbage
Produktet blev oprettet onsdag 30 januar, 2013.
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Sanwa Radio MX-V 2.4G PC 3 kanals fjernstyring

Sanwa Radio MX-V 2.4G PC 3 kanals fjernstyring
 1.095,00 DKK
 995,00 DKK

Bittydesign Striker 190mm

Bittydesign Striker 190mm
 250,00 DKK
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