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H.A.R.M Rhino pro SHV Digi 4. Conversion Kit

 795,00 DKK

The right choise if you need torque, holding power and durability!
The Xsone Powerservo has proved its liability for years and made itself a name in the scene.

Due to technical changes by Mpx/Hitec, it is no longer possible to offer new Xsone Powerservos.

Therefore the conversion of existing servos is getting even more interesting in order to benefit from the durability and reliability of the Xsone Powerservo also in the future.
With the conversion a high-quality motor is mounted, the electronic is modified and some more changes and amendments are made in order to make the servo more stable, powerful, reliable and more effective. After the conversion the servo is almost water proof which is very important for Off-Road drivers. Further difference is the operation voltage. After the conversion the servo can be operated with 12 V what facilitates the use of e.g. two lipo batteries without problems. 

Requirement for the conversion is that the servo doesn't have any electronical defect!

How to proceed:
Please send us your used Mpx Rhino, Rhino SHV or Hitec 5745 – 5765 servo, delivered before Jan. 2014 this is important. We will check the servo and if functions are o.k. we will convert it. If used servos have any mechanical defects, we can also repair them if requested, material costs are charged.

Technical data of the H.A.R.M. XS one power servo: 

Dimensions:            59 x 29 x 55 mm 
Weight:                  ca. 170 g 
Torque:                  @ 6,0V: 25 kg-cm 
                              @ 7,6V: 30 kg-cm 
Transit speed:        @ 6,0V: 0,09 sec 
                              @ 7,6V: 0,08 sec




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Produktet blev oprettet fredag 28 december, 2012.
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